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Twelfth Night in Second Life

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Second Life ( has certainly changed since I visited last a few months ago. When I taught EDMT 592 (Virtual Worlds and Social Networking in Education) we visited a virtual model of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Globe Theater

The Metaverse Shakespeare Company (MSC)

As an aside, do I really need to write “virtual” or “model” any more when talking about Second Life (SL)? It seems redundant.

This evening I attended the premiere of the newly updated run of Twelfth Night in sLiterary’s own Globe Theatre.  The SLURL for the theatre is

Oyama Maroon

Oyama Maroon (McVey) early for the show.

According to the coordinator for the production, Ina Centaur:

For Twelfth Night, Act 2, our three technological innovations include the usage of physics, moving automatons, and visual illusion on the virtual stage. You’ll see physics on-stage, in both built-in and scripted forms in our apple catches in Scene 3, and wilting rose motif in Scene 4 and, in the crawlspace of Scene 3, you’d see prim-based automaton actors in the form of rats!

view of the stage

View of the stage with curtain closed