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Keeping Up: Inside Higher Ed

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

With so many interested and relevant news articles churning about online, it is hard to find the best ones, so I turn to organizations such as The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed for help.

I met the editor of Inside Higher Ed last summer and found the outfit to be scrappy and sincere in their efforts to bring faculty and students the stories they need.


In today’s email burst on Digital Education, I found one article noteworthy (What Online Teachers Have Learned From Teaching Online) so I’ll set it aside for a slower read later in the day.

LTEC has been temporarily shelved but we are still optimistically taking names of those interested in our online Masters. Complete this form if you are interested and we’ll be in touch.


Keeping Up: EdSurge

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

There are a number of sources of Ed Tech news that can be delivered right to your InBox each day.  During April, I will share a few of my favorites and some that I am starting to look at more seriously.

Remember, there is so much out there that you need to learn how to scan quickly to determine which tools, applications, and strategies you will need to focus on at a later time. Scanning news like this is a good way of taking the pulse of the field.

Let’s begin with EdSurge (“Learn What’s Happening in Edtech”)


I subscribe to the EdSurge: Higher Education newsletter for a sense of how Ed Tech is transforming Higher Education.  There are plenty of other blogs, tweets, and podcasts produced by EdSurge with focuses on business, policy, research, and more.

They tackle complicated issues with readable and engaging text. They even throw in a little fun at times.  I also subscribe to their Innovate newsletter and glance at their teacher reviews of software.

Interesting Fact: An analysis by proofreading application noredink revealed the most common errors made by K-12 students and further broke out the information by state. Michigan students had a slightly better than average error rate.

LTEC has been temporarily shelved but we are still optimistically taking names of those interested in our online Masters. Complete this form if you are interested and we’ll be in touch.

ISTE in Chicago

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

For those of you who will be in Chicago for all or part of the annual ISTE Conference, please look for me and say hello. No word on the Keynoters yet, but I’ll share as soon as I know.

I’ve been working with a team on the ISTE Board to develop a Higher Education reception on Conference Monday. Many Higher Education folks have felt increasingly isolated from ISTE over the years but with two Teacher Ed professors on the board, we are hoping to change that.


LTEC has been temporarily shelved but we are still optimistically taking names of those interested in our online Masters. Complete this form if you are interested and we’ll be in touch.

LTEC Program Update

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that as of Fall 2018, the LTEC/COLT graduate programs have been shelved and we are no longer admitting new students. Only two or three LTEC courses will continue to be offered after winter 2019.  Although some of you may have already received an email informing you of this, we want to be sure that everyone affiliated with the program is aware of the changes.

Students must complete their LTEC courses by Winter 2019 although foundation & elective courses may be taken afterward (within six-year time to degree requirement). We still recommend that you take your EDPS research course prior to taking LTEC 695. The LTEC course rollout is as follows:

  • LTEC 623: SU2018
  • LTEC 628: SU2018
  • LTEC 632: FA2018
  • LTEC 653: FA2018
  • LTEC 695: WI2019

This rollout allows students who took their first course in the program in Winter 2013 to complete their degree at EMU.  (For more details, see Graduate School Policies – Time to Degree.)

University policies change over time and when that happens, students may have to change their plans for completing their degrees.  As you are probably aware, universities and other institutions across the country are having to look closely at their bottom lines.   The LTEC program simply does not have enough students to financially justify continuing to offer courses.  We have looked at every possibility and ultimately the dean and department chair felt that shelving the program was the only feasible solution.  LTEC faculty are redesigning the courses and programs to better meet educators’ needs in anticipation of reinstating them in the near future.

We truly understand how frustrating this may be and wish there were other alternatives to offer. Other EMU faculty, staff, and students are experiencing similar situations. Regrettably, this is the current climate that we all are working under.

We will update you as more details become available.  Please contact your advisor or any LTEC faculty, with any questions or concerns you have.

Apple is Coming (back) to the Classroom

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

At an Apple Education event yesterday, several new pushes were unveiled.

An “Education” iPad with Stylus support. The educational price for this machine is around $300. The “pencil” will still cost around $90.

A Crayon Stylus from Logitech.  This looks to be an interesting add-on at about $50.

IWork updates. I was always frustrated that their textbook creation tool needed the absolutely latest operating system. They now offer a textbook creation tool for this new iPad.


Schoolwork. This new iPad application hopes to shoulder its way into classrooms (and perhaps shove Google aside).

Everyone Can Create. This initiative will remind people what we have known for a while. Web 2.0 is all about moving us from recipients to creators.

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