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Updates to Threaded Discussions

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Today EMU’s Center for E-Learning (CFE) noted the release of a new feature in our threaded discussions which I quite like.

According to their email:

OnĀ 12/5/13, Pearson Learning Studio (EMU-Online) released several new features for Threaded Discussions:

  • Post First – Students must post their initial response to the discussion before they can view other students’ posts
  • Hide Topics – You previously had the ability to hide Threaded Discussion content items; now you can hide discussion topics within them, allowing you to prepare your topics ahead of time.

One of my critiques of threaded discussions, and I have oh so many, is that once the most salient issues have been raised in a discussion, and there are usually a limited number of such issues, the ensuing responses tend to dwindle in number and quality. By having to post first before you can see your classmates responses, you have the opportunity to get credit for sharing insights of your own and not have to water them down by having the misfortune of coming late to the discussion.

This innovation will cause me to re-think my use of threaded discussions in the class now.