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Frustrations with Second Life

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

This summer I taught a course called Social Networking and Virtual Worlds in Education (EDMT 592) and I spent a jolly time taking interested students on tours of interesting sites in Second Life (an immersive virtual world). But I was always beset with the problem of trying to fit Second Life into an educational setting with ease.

After leading the gang of ten students through SL last summer, I ended up feeling the same way I always did – frustrated. Mostly I was agitated at the the learning curve required just to attend a gathering. It was like having to learn how to drive a Segue and navigate using a GPS and hoping your equipment was up to par. Too many moving parts. Students were getting lost, couldn’t navigate well, and spent most of the time bumping their avatars into things.

This morning a colleague in History and Philosophy guided me to this article, It was good to know I was not alone in my frustration.


My avatar, Oyama Maroon, looking upset with SL