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Just Not Buying the 3D Hype

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Today I¬†encountered Texas Instrument’s hyping of their 3D-ready projectors¬†and I must say I am simply not ready to accept that a presentation in 3D will boost student performance by a whopping 30 percent. I mean, I’ve been 3D since the beginning of my teaching career.

I tried to gather information about the study they performed and there seemed to be holes in it what little they shared. A one shot presentation immediately followed by a test resulted in an improvement between pre and post test scores of 35 percent. I would like to see what sort of lesson they provided for the control group which, I suspect, had no audio-visual, a bland presentation, and few graphics. However it was presented, the control group still showed an improvement in whatever test they were using. There is the novelty factor and the Hawthorne effect in which results improve simply because the subject realized they were the subject of a study. Still looking for the formal peer-reviewed paper. If anyone can find it, let me know.

Texas Instruments 3D

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