A job opportunity

We at Fanzoo Technology in Ann Arbor are looking for a student in the Computer Science department to fill a position at our company. The applicant need not have professional experience, but must be willing to learn, have a drive for improving the company, and some knowledge of web development. Information about the position is available here:

This is an excellent opportunity for a student to get hands-on experience and learn from seasoned developers in a fun, helpful environment. A student’s input and opinions will be valued, and hours can be flexible.

We would appreciate if you could pass on this job posting to the students in the Computer Science department and make them aware of the position.

Thank you,
Jeff Fansler, Alex Zolynsky, and Fanzoo Technology

Job Opportunities at Ford Motor Co.

Please forward this along to any students who might be interested. Thanks.

Greetings future EMU Computer Science alumni! My name is Leonard Kinnaird-Heether, and I am a graduate of the EMU Computer Science Department (B.S. ’05, M.S. ’08.) I am also an employee at Ford Motor Company, and I’m writing to inform you that Ford IT Ford College Graduate program is currently taking applications for employment starting in 2015.

The Ford College Graduate (FCG) program provides entry-level positions for recent graduates(of either a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. program,) and is structured to allow new employees the ability to explore a variety of positions within IT at Ford Motor Company. Each FCG is allowed to participate in multiple year-long rotational assignments over their first few years with the company. This enables the new employee to sample various types of employment around the company, so that they may gain a better understanding of what direction they believe their career in IT should take. Because it is a program designed for recent grads, several start dates are offered over the course of the year to correspond with the most common graduation periods. The hiring process will begin very soon, so if you are interested please apply sooner than later.

Here is a link to the online job application (if the link is broken search for the job using the Auto Req ID: 13059BR):


If you meet the qualifications and are interested in a career at Ford Motor Company, I have also enclosed a link at the end of this message to the online job application.

Thanks for your time, and I wish you the best of luck in your search for employment.

Len Kinnaird-Heether

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Plant Floor – Manufacturing Systems

Ford Motor Company

Women in Computer Science Meeting

Hi Women in Computer Science & Friends!

You’re invited to a Special Kick-Off Meeting for the Women in Computer Science Club.

Pray-Harrold, Room 514

We’ll be explaining what our organization does, what our plans are for the year, and how you can get involved. This is a great opportunity for you to meet women in computer science and encourage more girls and women to get involved in our field.

Also, there will be delicious food.

Just to be clear, we don’t exclude men. If you are a man who supports the idea of getting more women involved with computer science, we’d love for you to come!

Questions? Please reach out to our club president, Jamie, at jberger6@emich.edu


The Women in Computer Science @ EMU

A word from Dr. Narayanan

Upcoming Event

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) Club presents :

GE Talk- Wednesday April 2, 2014 3:30pm in 219 Pray-Harrold

Paulette Avolio is a Validation Manager at GE Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center (AMSTC) here in Michigan. She is an MSU graduate with degrees in Computer Science, Biology, and Communication. She will be talking to students regarding the role of IT in GE’s tech center and opportunities for summer internships and permanent employment at GE.

Computer Science Club talk this Wednesday (March 19 at 3:30) – Hoffman and Sperlich

Tyler Hoffman and Spade Sperlich will present the “long version” of their work on Kleinbergs HITS algorithm at Wednesday at 3:30 in PH 520. For those unfamiliar with the HITS algorithm, it is a web search algorithm with very different characteristics than Googles Pagerank algorithm. The “short version” of this talk will be the following week at the Undergraduate Symposium.

Interesting stuff. You should come!!!