Test Driven Development Workshop with Bob Allen

Get your craftsmanship mojo on with awesome developers who get paid for their code. On Saturday November 14th, come join Code Craftsman Saturdays in Ann Arbor for our biggest annual event of the year, a GLOBAL DAY of Code Retreat. Note: It an all-day event starting at 8:30 Saturday morning.

If you can code at all, no matter the language or platform, come and feed your brain and your body. Both breakfast and lunch are provided, the event is free, and you get to pair-program with software craftspeople from all over the area. Never paired before? No worries, that’s part of the learning.

Bring a laptop, bring a friend. but bring your power supply as well, because you’ll be coding and testing with strangers for most of the day. My job is make your brain bubble over with all the learning you get from just one day. Don’t worry about installing a developer environment (IDE) or even a compiler; Cyber-dojo.org has you covered. No account/logon required.

It is highly recommended that you play with cyber-dojo at least once before the workshop. Do a kata (a simple programming exercise) with a friend. At cyber-dojo, hit the “Create” button, pick a language you already know, then pick a testing framework (like JUnit), and finally an exercise. Now hit “Create”, then the “Enter“ button (you get to be an animal), and finally hit “Test”. If you’re lost, that’s good; first stage of learning. Grab one the students that went to the mini-coderetreat 3:30 last Wednesday 9/30 in room 514. They got a preview.

One thing: you have to register here so that I know how many people to feed. You’ll see Pillar Technology is the sponsor. That means they’re providing the space and the food (thank you Pillar). Some Pillar developers will likely be attending as well.

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