j++ Meetings – A word from Nicole Arruda

Last week, we had an awesome presentation from Jack about the wonders of JUnit testing. Attached is his Eclipse workspace after completing tests for every class and getting them to pass, and he’s included a class called AllTests to run all of the tests for each class. We’d love to arrange a JUnit Part Two in the upcoming weeks, so if you missed this meeting, stay tuned for the sequel! If anyone has questions about what Jack talked about last week, flag him down on campus, or let me know and I can pass on the word.

Tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) meeting will be at 3:30 in P-H 514, not the usual 520, and it’s one you won’t want to miss (unless you hate fun). Microsoft’s David Giard will be speaking to us about game development using a tool called Construct 2. From the sound of things, the process is very straightforward and makes things easy to visualize. Games can be exported as apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS, to name a few, and David will walk us through building our very own super-fun video game.

If you possess a laptop running Windows Vista, 7, or 8, please bring it to the meeting tomorrow! The computers in 514 can run Windows through VirtualBox, which will hopefully let us Apple zombies follow along, too, but you’re definitely better off running it natively.

I’ll see all of you (or at least those who don’t hate fun) and your Windows machines tomorrow in 514!


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