A word from Mike Nitchie – Java++ meeting this Wednesday

David Giard, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, will be joining us this Wednesday, February 12th. The event will be in room 514 at 3:30. Here is what David has to say:

Scirra Construct 2 Game Development event – these have been very popular with university students in the past! A company called Scirra makes an awesome tool called Construct 2 for game development. You simply add backgrounds and sprites on a page, and use an “event sheet” of simple if-then statements to define your game logic. Games created with Construct 2 can be exported as Windows Store apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone apps, Android apps, iOS apps, and more. There are also templates/tutorials to get you started creating a shooter game, physics puzzle, driving game, and platform game (like Super Mario Brothers). David can demo how easy and fun this is, and everyone will get to build a wicked cool game.

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