A message from Mike Nitchie of the Computer Science Club

Hey everyone,

Here are a few upcoming events we have planned that you may be interested in.

1/29 : Cory Skowronek will be talking about MySQL – getting started with it and integrating it with your applications

2/5 : Hopefully we will have Jack Coy in to discuss unit testing and JUnit in particular.

2/12 : David Giard, a Microsoft Evangelist, will be in to discuss developing game apps for Windows. The word is we will all have a working game by the end. If you can, bring a laptop running Windows Vista, 7, or 8, and be willing to share with those that don’t have one!

2/19 : Regular Expressions! Do more in less time. Phil Francis will be talking with us about what he considers one of the top 5 topics every CS student needs to know, but usually doesn’t.

All events will be from 3:30-5 in room 520PH. The one exception is the Microsoft event on February 12th. We will be using room 514PH so we can access the windows virtual machines available on those computers.

This is a pretty packed schedule, but all cool stuff. Please come!




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