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2017 Chelsea Early Childhood Technology Conf

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
Calling all Pre-K thru 6th grade educators!
Attend the 2017 Chelsea Early Childhood Technology Conference 
Come join us for a day of fun, collaboration, and learning!
Learn how to effectively use technology with young learners from other innovative educators.
Registration is 50 dollars which includes all sessions and lunch. Principals attend for free!
EMU/LTEC presenters: Professors Copeland & Jones, Eric Robinson & Mike Brown [alumni]

Google Cardboard

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

I meet infrequently with a local software designer, Ian Natzmer, whose company, Odeum Learning, is designing interactive games for students. A year ago, I thought virtual goggles were far too pricey for most schools and may have dampened his enthusiasm a little. Yesterday, an inexpensive alternate to VR Googles, the $10 Google Cardboard,arrived and I was hooked. I spent hours being drawn into the virtual experiences of walking down the streets of London, New York, and rural Japan, standing on the surface of Pluto, then virtually skydiving.

I’m rethinking my position.

Google Certified

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

This fall, Dr. McVey will invite every teacher candidate in the program to consider working through the online Google Training Center to earn a Google Certified Educator badge for their web site or resume. Already an active user of Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and more he did not need much review time before taking the online examination. The three-hour exam was a thorough check of the basic skills required to use the Google Apps for Education tools. Cost for the Level 1 test was $10; for Level 2 the cost was $25.

After speaking with several recruiters last spring, he became convinced of the certificates value to teachers. “The examination, itself, is well-constructed and organized. It was a pleasure to work through the activities and I am not a fan of examinations,” said McVey.

Scoop It!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

At least one course in the EDMT program is using Scoop It! to update students with current stories from around the blogosphere. In EDMT 627, I have set up a Scoop It! page at which anyone may visit and anyone may contribute an article they have found.

The curation of the articles is rather easy. Scoop It!’s search engines scour blogs and web sites for posts following the parameters you set. You need only glance through each article and either Trash or Scoop. With a single click you add the article to your page. 

McVey's Scoop page for EDMT 627

Check it out and start your own. Become a curator.


Ypsilanti Community Media Lab

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

If you live in or near Ypsilanti, stop by the Heritage Community Media Lab!

A few of the EDMT faculty have been making presentations and running workshops at their storefront training studio. Their goal is to train the community to gather and report news on a variety of platforms. Community Media Lab offers a communications vehicle, free training, and a collaborative environment that welcomes and encourages community contributions to and their eight print publications.

I used to be a regular contributor to their newspapers. I was delighted at the welcome I received from them as a writer and, now, as a workshop organizer. They would love it if our EDMT students considered participating as well.

Coming Up:

Dec. 5: “Blogging 101” — 1-3 p.m.Presented by Rick Kessler, a journalist, editor and blogger with the Journal Register Company

Dec. 12: “Contributing community content to your hometown newspaper” — 1-3 p.m. Presented by Michelle Rogers, managing editor of Heritage Media-West, publishers of eight weekly newspapers and the website

They are located at 215 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti and are open between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.