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Keeping Up: EdSurge

Sunday, April 8th, 2018

There are a number of sources of Ed Tech news that can be delivered right to your InBox each day.  During April, I will share a few of my favorites and some that I am starting to look at more seriously.

Remember, there is so much out there that you need to learn how to scan quickly to determine which tools, applications, and strategies you will need to focus on at a later time. Scanning news like this is a good way of taking the pulse of the field.

Let’s begin with EdSurge (“Learn What’s Happening in Edtech”)


I subscribe to the EdSurge: Higher Education newsletter for a sense of how Ed Tech is transforming Higher Education.  There are plenty of other blogs, tweets, and podcasts produced by EdSurge with focuses on business, policy, research, and more.

They tackle complicated issues with readable and engaging text. They even throw in a little fun at times.  I also subscribe to their Innovate newsletter and glance at their teacher reviews of software.

Interesting Fact: An analysis by proofreading application noredink revealed the most common errors made by K-12 students and further broke out the information by state. Michigan students had a slightly better than average error rate.

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