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360-Degree Cameras

Friday, April 6th, 2018

360-degree cameras are falling in price, slightly. The EMU Library recently purchased a number of them for use by faculty. The Special Interest Group allows them to explore how they might work in their own teaching.

Today, the first of 13 faculty teams took a training provided by LTEC Professor Michael McVey. In two weeks, the team of Jones and Copeland will get theirs and put it to use in their teaching.

360 degree camerra

One of the faculty members in the session today considered ways of attaching one to one of her drones. Another thought it would work well in the Point of View (POV) mode to capture a shopkeeper’s exchange during a study abroad. Imagine watching from start to finish a patron ordering a croissant and a cafe au lait, in Paris, to get a sense of the rhythm of the language.

Those were just two of the ideas that came up in the first few minutes with these cameras. I’m looking forward to many more.

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