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Teachers Guild

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Teachers are the innovators education has been waiting for.

That is the tagline for The Teachers Guild and they are certainly in the business of helping students to be the problem solvers of tomorrow. Today I attended a webinar called the Digital Citizenship Expert Chat hosted by Alysha English (below) and joined by a wide range of experts including high school students, an assistant principal, an author, and Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE.


I’m always struck at how an hour’s dive into a topic can connect teachers with great online resources and expand our human network. The links that bubbled up in the back-channel chat during this webinar were great. I counted about 20 of them.

As several commenters, as well as panelists, noted that Digital Citizenship needs to be more than a list of DON’Ts (Don’t post this, Don’t say that) but rather an open list of DOs.

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