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Alexa in the Classroom

Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Sometimes, I get the opportunity to help undergraduates examine topics in greater depth by guiding them through a research project. I have found our undergraduates in Teacher Education to be particularly slammed for time, but occasionally a project is just so much fun that we manage to work on it.

This year, I have been working with student Zachary Wilson as we figure out how teachers are using voice-activated assistants in their classrooms. You might know the Amazon Echo better as Alexa and that is what the students in Ms. Bell’s third-grade class call her. When they talk about her, they refer to Alexa as “Miss A.” so as not to confuse her. They know she is always listening.

The following video is just a taste of how these voice assistants are being used in two classrooms in Saline Area Schools. Over the summer, Zachary and I hope to develop an interview protocol and put our survey in the field.

I love the Woo Hoo, Technology dance at the end.

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