Friendly Reminder: Winter 2018 Registration has started

This is a friendly reminder that registration for winter 2018 has started. The following courses are being offered in winter 2018.

LTEC 603 – Facilitating Teaching in Technology Enhanced Learning Environments
Having developed expertise in using technology in their own classrooms, students explore how to facilitate the use of educational technology by their colleagues. Sharing responsibility with the instructor, they design and implement professional development activities targeting support of student content learning, communication, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, media production and e-learning.

LTEC 602 is the prerequisite for LTEC 603.

LTEC 627 – Adv Techn Issues in Educ Techn
Helps educators consider the nature and implications of complex multisite technological innovations. The course also prepares students to give informed input into decisions impacting planning, purchasing and implementation of innovations.

The prerequisite for LTEC 627 is that you are a graduate student.

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