Capture your Life

A few years ago, as memory storage was beginning to reduce in cost and size (think early jump drives), I suggested at a conference that we could conceivably wear a camera that recorded and stored the images and audio of our lives. The idea at the time was that we wear a clumsy pendant of sorts. The cry at the time (and likely still is) was, “Why would we need such a thing?”

Swedish start-up, Memoto, is introducing just such a thing. The 1.4 square-inch device, available in orange, gray or white, uses a 5-megapixel camera, a GPS receiver and a battery the company claims lasts two days on a charge. Every 30 seconds the camera wakes up and takes a picture. You can then upload images with a micro USB cable connection to your computer.

Courtesy The Wall Street Journal

So it is missing the audio but it is hands-free and has some potential other uses.  This is an age of dashboard cameras on cars, webcams in public areas, and mini-cameras attached to waterfowl. Perhaps this is just the limitations of your imagination you are feeling. Perhaps.

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