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Power Searching

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

I just completed a Google three-week online training program called Power searching with Google. It consisted of six classes, a midterm exam, a final exam and two opportunities to “hang out” with the instructors.

Each of the classes consisted of a series of videos between 4 and 9 minutes in length followed by a series of questions or exercises that allowed you to test your understanding of the materials presented. Some of these activities required posting to a forum where others taking the class could review your work.

I have read many positive comments on this model of training in which topics are chunked to be no longer than 15 minutes, including activities, and which learners take in increments, completing all increments within a specified time period to receive credit.

Google not only provided video, which was closed captioned so you could view it with the sound muted, but also links to a text version of the presentation as well as a link to the slides used by the instructor. They maintained a forum for asynchronous discussions and three live “hang-outs” where Google experts answered learners questions.

I would urge both faculty and students in EDMT to consider taking this course to improve their Google search skills.