Get Ready. Get Set. Go – Build a Team of Four and Start the “Get Fit” Challenge!

LET’S GET PHYSICAL  Continues – Join the Winter 2014 “Get-Fit” Challenge …

Here’s how it works.

  1. You and three co-workers decide to join the REC-IM Get Fit Challenge – Open to EMU students also; however, faculty and staff will compete against each other for weekly prizes, and grand prizes at the end of the challenge.  For extra fun, create intra-department challenges where multiple teams from your department also compete against each other for department “bragging rights.”
  2. Register with REC-IM and pay your $40 team registration fee.  The registration fee helps fund the weekly and grand prizes, and a tee-shirt for everyone.  Sign up at this link on the REC-IM Get Fit site.
  3. Start the challenge now.  Earn points by attending free group fitness classes, seminars and workshops sponsored by REC-IM, and educational sessions and events sponsored by the Human Resources Department.  This includes Lunch and Learn programs, BCBSM and TIAA-CREF sessions, and other benefits-related events as announced.  See the HR/Benefits Wellness page at this link for more info.
Will you participate?  What are your thoughts?  Looking for teammates?  Use the comments section below to provide feedback…and please return  often or subscribe to keep up with the latest news and posts  about the REC-IM Get Fit Challenge.


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One Response to “Get Ready. Get Set. Go – Build a Team of Four and Start the “Get Fit” Challenge!”

  1. Julie Says:

    I’m working on getting a team of colleagues together this week! Hopefully we can have a good representation of faculty and staff in this event!